Friday, March 26, 2010

Mondette features TAVIN!

Portraits – Vintage Shop Owner Erin Tavin

by christina from Portraits – Vintage Shop Owner Erin Tavin

Occupation: Vintage boutique owner

Address: Tavin, 1543 Echo Park Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Why we like her: Just enter the store, and you’ll know why. A sky-high treasure chest, full of delicate pieces from the last 100 years, waiting to be found. Erin’s selection not only includes apparel, but also accessories, shoes, books and all kinds of other things you never knew you needed but are so happy to have stumbled upon. A few questions with Erin, after the jump.

Where are you from? I’m from NYC—and very glad about that—what a great place to grow up!

How long have you lived here? I can’t remember, maybe 14 years, wow! It flew, somehow it just flew by, strange…

Where do you live in LA? Up in the hills in Echo Park.

What do you like best about your neighborhood? It’s got a very different vibe than the rest of Los Angeles. A lot of bohemian, artsy, interesting and cool people live in Echo Park, and in the shop I get to know many of them. My husband has been in the hood for 20 years, so it feels like we know everyone. It’s a very unpretentious place.

Favorite thing to do in Los Angeles? Exploring! I like that we can drive for one hour and are in the snow, or in the desert or in Topanga Canyon, in a completely different environment with a whole different feeling. Hiking, swimming—it’s so easy to do here. We were just hiking in snow up to our knees on Mount Baldy the other day, and then had lunch in front of a fireplace.

What do you like most about your job? Being able to express my creativity with everything that has to do with the shop. Putting my vision out there, whether it’s through the clothes I choose, or the way the shop looks, or the tags that I make, or the windows. I guess I take a lot of pride in that it came from me. It feels like there’s a lot to grow towards.


  1. Beautiful. Sorry I haven't been by, but a trip to see you on the east side is soon! M.E.

  2. Now I have another reason to visit L.A! your shop looks fab! :)