Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tavin's New Summer Window!

Check out our new Tavin summer window !!! this is some expression of summer weddings -hope she looks like shes in a Parisian attic -shes going to get married revisiting her past a bit .... please stop by the shop and visit !

Top 4 Photos and Window Display Design courtesy of Justina Blakeney from and

this is the wedding window from a distance pretty lovely

these old shoes are killer beautiful in my book
these shoes are womans but we can wait till fall to wear them

Sneak Preview of our new Children Section
look at home spun vintage our new kids line we are carrying now
very cool pieces for kiddies!

these are sneakers from the line and the stripey t-shirt
come see the new kids tent my husband Nathan built its yellow and sweet and my husband owns his own sewing machine which is cute

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