Friday, October 28, 2011

Tavin in WGSN Article

Article  By Andrea Bell, WGSN

Tavin, Los Angeles 

"Owned and operated by Erin Julie Tavin, this concept boutique presents a cleverly curated collection of vintage clothing, redesigned vintage clothing, modern avant-garde designer pieces, books, lifestyle products and object d’art.The inspirations behind Tavin are as varied as the boutique itself - Parisian boutiques, photography, European flea markets, Big Sur, nature (namely green forests, waterfalls, the wild sea and dark skies) and Erin’s own childhood in New York City.
Tavin says the small-town feel of the community is one of the reasons for choosing the store's location."There are many artists in the area and the shop has a communal feel. If you’re going for location,Robertson Boulevard would have been a better location with all the foot traffic and actresses, but then I would not have this great community here."Popular with stylists, designers and international jet-setters, Tavin's store is stocked purely according to her tastes as she is the only buyer and is about her merchandise."I choose items by colour and fabric (the feel is very important) and texture - patterns and of course the drape and shape of the piece. Sometimes I shop by label - for instance, I love anything Cacharel, especially the old cottons."Erin is also responsible for the vintage and reworked vintage clothing, which is in high demand for her clientele. "A big aspect of the work is that I redo many pieces in the shop, so I’m always looking at a piece of clothing with that in mind. Can I modernise this piece? Can it be cool and hip and easy to wear? Will it look fresh and work as a piece?" Erin tries every item of clothing on before she purchases it, ensuring a proper fit and feel. 
She cites "overall look and feel" as the most important aspect of buying. The shop has garnered accolades for its eclectic VM, which Tavin is also responsible for.  "I am very, very particular about what sits next to what in the shop and exactly where it is displayed. The inspiration is my own visual world that I have very clearly defined in my mind at all times.It’s also knowing how to mix the vintage with the more modern in such a way that will surprise the customer and they’ll not have to classify everything. It’s very important that things look fresh and in vogue in terms of the display." Tavin holds community events frequently, with the most popular being the in-store Little Birds reading series curated by LA Times writer Steffie Nelson."  

 - Andrea Bell…er/2011/July/westcoast_retailroundupsilverlakeboutiques/tavin.html 

1543 Echo Park Avenue
Los Angeles 90026
Tel: +1 213 482 5832

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