Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Smoking Nuns are fans of Tavin Boutique

tavin boutique

"d- the moment you walk into erin tavin's boutique 
nestled in echo park you are immediately 
transported to another world. it's a combination 
of nineteenth century bohemian prairie mixed 
with twentieth century evening glamor.we spent a 
sunday afternoon with erin and got a feel for 
her world. she energetically greeted us but then 
quickly apologized and excused herself. 
she was already working with a customer 
when we walked in and erin gives her full 
attention to her clientele. it's refreshing. 
she connects, and not in an impersonal put-on 
retail kind of way. she creates relationships, 
so when she's out finding pieces for her boutique 
she usually has a customer in mind. erin opened 
her store on a whim while driving by the vacant 
store front on echo park avenue. with out 
telling her husband, she signed a lease and 
needed to open the doors in six weeks. it was 
her husband who helped to create the world you 
step into. there are beautiful custom shelves, 
chandeliers, and a desk made from a vintage 
filing the end of the day we felt 
like we had created our own relationship 
with erin, gave her hugs, then headed back out 
into the real world. thank you erin for 
spending a lovely afternoon with us. 
stay tuned for looks from tavin boutique."

-The Smoking Nuns 
Friday, November 18, 2011

encouragement & support.We appreciate it! 

Fans can view more on
And stay tuned for more from Tavin as we get ready 
for the Holidays!

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