Sunday, July 28, 2013

TAVIN featured in The Stiff Style Guide

Stiff Style Guide
Thank you to style sisters Kristin and Lee Ann for being TAVIN fans! We appreciate it. To see more check out their fashion Blog at

Two sisters, one style, à la garçonne
The World According to Tavin - Chapter 2

Erin's writing on the clothing tag

An ethereal rack mixed with Victorian dresses and vintage blouses from Mexico and India

Detail of Erin's "mood" board/collage on the wall

This Indian blouse and denim jacket definitely seem made to go together

Great prairie Ralph Lauren blouse

And a plaid Isabel Marant tunic, two favorites

Incredible handcrafted skirt from Thailand (one of Lee Ann's favorites). Erin's styling tip: wear with a fresh white blouse.

One of the many eye-catching tableaux in the store. This one with Miu Miu platforms and a fedora.

Something one doesn't see often: A clothing rack filled with one of a kind dresses from Afghanistan

Even the dressing room has a story (stories)

Kristin browsing

Window detail

Sweet dress from Mexico (accented with a glass bead necklace and dried flowers!)

Another detail of the window story -- could be an outtake from a summer Big Sur camping trip

Top view of the table outside the front of the shop

 The side of Tavin's front area (view from cookbook)

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