Monday, August 19, 2013

TAVIN featured in LA MAG

Thank you to the Alexis Steinman from LA MAG 
for being a TAVIN fan. We appreciate it!
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And stay tuned for more coming for Tavin soon....


The Sartorial Sleuth Heads To Austenland

Romance is definitely not dead in Austenland, the costumed Rom-Com opening tonight. Austenland is a fantasy camp where damsels dress-up in frilly frocks to woo their Mr. Darcy. Unlike today’s form-fitting "body con" styles, back in Jane's day, ladies lured suitors with layers and lace. As the film’s slogan says, want to “make your fantasy a reality?"  Stroll over to Echo Park for frippery fit for an English garden. Owner/stylist Erin Tavin’s eponymous shop, Tavin, is a fashionista utopia. At Flounce, the vintage gems are hand-picked by owner Lisa Gerstein. Leave it to these two ladies to be anything but Plain Jane. 


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