Saturday, June 13, 2009

What a day, yesterday! Can you tell? You can see even more snips and snaps on our Flickr.

Though it was nice, no more hills and trees for these pretty pieces who got to visit their new home: we styled the interior with our antiques and vintage pieces while listening to the First Lady of Song -- "I Love Paris," of course -- and Joaquin Sabina's "Whiskey sin Soda." Even the exterior got a little love with our brand "new" antique Schwinn bicycle.

And I'm sure he'd have waved hello from beyond those earrings, but our wonderfully talented friend Ovid Pope was hard at work taking actual photographs.
It was a lot of work but gussying up our little 1534 space was definitely worth it to be able to finally show off how beautifully the store is coming along -- so close to being done and ready for you all on July 11th!

If you're as anxious as we are, you can come soothe yourself a little at the Rose Bowl Flea Market tomorrow -- we'll be at space L02 in the orange section so don't miss us!

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