Thursday, June 25, 2009

You might be thinking those books are there just for show, but just like Gatsby's, they're completely real. Or maybe that's not what you were thinking at all, instead you were just thinking about how adorable that blouse is and how good it would look on you while you sip on an iced tea. Yes, I think so.

But don't daydream too far off: we'd miss you if you didn't make our launch party on July 11th. And I'm going to keep harping on about the gold slippers - so much better than glass - you could win if you follow this blog. New footwear should never be denied so click, click, click!


  1. everything looks amazing! good luck with your opening!!!


  2. Thanks for the invite, I'm sorry I won't be in town. Your collection is divine, I'm in love with the gold slippers too!