Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tavin is falling into fall...

fall is on my mind -purples and rusts some browns leaves in my mind all the time now

part of the window poem- farm country and winter wools above poem is longer and more lovely
its your indie ralph lauren girl- oh im so happy with how the window came out and look at her beautiful head and hair!! i love the xmas windows at bendels-who doesnt?
this is small and fits me -painfull to say bye to it-letting go is really hardi could lie in a bed and look at these things for a long time-prettiness personified i think and blue

model looks like she is in a general store in vermont-where you could by pajamas and lysol and perfume and warm sox and local hiking tips book...oh and milk

hi im just gonna walk out of this window and go somewhere where the leaves are falling and fireplaces are crackling and take a long country walk.....

i guess one can keep looking at leather -i guess

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