Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tavin Boutique featured in Cool Hunting

Pico's Picks Shopping

When the designers at Pico aren't busy drafting the future of Gap 1969 denim, they often hit up the myriad of stores in Los Angeles for some inspiration shopping. Whether checking out new collections, sifting through vintage or finding lifestyle objects that pique their personal interests, they know where to go for a retail fix. Here are six stores that strike their fancy when they're on the flip-side of fashion.

Tavin is a small concept shop in Echo Park run by the delightful Erin Julie Tavin, who has an impeccable eye for statement-making fashion. Racks house vintage and redesigned vintage pieces as well as some modern basics and designer duds, which are accented by shelves stocking a covetable collection of accessories, trinkets, books and more. There is no shortage of carefully edited inspiration at Tavin. http://www.lifebytavin.com/

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