Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Inspiration: Inside Erin Tavin's Echo Park Yurt

I've been collecting photos for years and years. it really helps feed my soul and creativity. I think the images help me to see fashion and style as a whole picture, intertwined like its not just a fashion thing with me but its a feeling it's a lifestyle poetry I am drawn to- it's some kind of need in me to enter another world another time.

I do contemplate meditating more then I actually meditate now but their is a spot here in my yurt -a cozy spot to meditate and the intention is there really. I loved sitting 10 days in silence when i did it - i thought it was heaven really and all that veggie food was yummy as can be  here in la I'm just so busy- but there it is the sitting place its there if i want it  i can see it and its calling to me.

Yes I collect books and cards and when i put them all together by color wow they look so good! I spend a lot of time when I'm off hunting for the store and the shopping day is OVER,  I go to local bookstores  used ones are good cause then I can actually buy things!!! I can spend hours in a locale  bookstore( as long as its not a chain!) These are books and cards ive been dragging around with me from one coast to another for years
wherever you go there you are they say huh? but it helps to have these with me  to connect outside  myself and i love beautiful things...really. 

These prayer flags are from Breitenbush hot springs in Oregon where we go in the summer- what a heavenly place that is! The flags remind me of that place and how happy I am when I am there, i want to hear slow down slow down slow down in the trees and the wind but its hard to listen in my daily life always. 

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