Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tavin prepares for the Holidays

Here are some holiday pieces for you girls to get into the mood of the season. i know it really caught me by surprise seemed to come out of nowhere  this year -but here it is! i had wonderful holidays growing up and really great memories i grew up in NYC so i got to skate at rockefeller center and walk through the snow in central park and see NY in all its true glory! i love to look at the windows on fifth avenue they are just so amazing and always blow me away!

Holiday clothes are meant to feel great and make you feel a certain 'je ne sais quoi'-like you left your house  with just your lipstick and a key and you don't know what the night will bring

its also about meeting people you would not ordinarily see and catching up ~these things happen also dont they?

a glass of champagne is always nice too when you look and feel beauifull
and chocolate
good chocolate

The Golden Holiday Dress

My Sexy Black Dress

My New Year's Eve Dress

My Elegant Black Velvet Coat

My Silver Sparkle Holiday Dress

My Swinging Holiday Dress
Blue Velvet

Poetry for the Holidays

My Rose Sparkle Dress
The Scarlet Dress
My Leopard Holiday Coat
Tavin's Holiday Collection is now available at the Boutique and online at TavinShop

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