Friday, November 9, 2012

Part Two: Inside Erin Tavin's Echo Park Yurt

Morning Breakfast. 

Favorite books of mine these keep me going andIi have had so much fun reading them through the years, who wouldn't? It was another time, these books and the lifestyle. I long for a freer time, I'm in a commune living really in another life time. 

....More favorite cards; Louise Bourgeois, the red card there is a show that was at the Guggenheim.
She's unreal her work is mind blowing! When I saw that show, I took it all in slowly...I like to go to museums alone so I can just feel my own thoughts and heart and my own timing.  Red sparse beautful land.

Photo of  me on my wedding day....coming across this crazy beautiful field to pick up both my fathers and 
walk to the top of the hill above bodega bay. I guess I was hoping I was in a Bertolucci film or something?
Memories we must have, they keep us and rock us to sleep...see it's a feeling and a mood (not about "fashion.")

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